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nicholas hoult
Guess who saw PARAMORE last Thursday?!

They're on the "Now" tour and let me tell ya, they put on one hell of a show. I was a little down in the dumps over the fact that the venue was so small. The show was pretty much sold out so everyone in the room was shoulder to shoulder. Despite the masses, I was able to get up really close to Hayley and Jeremy. However, this did cost me my comfort. My face was literally squished up against this guys shoulder and this girl in front of me had the most annoying pigtails that would hit me in the face each time she turned her head. I finally got fed up and went back a couple of rows to be with my reasoning for being there in the first place, alon_garza, also known as the most incredible boyfriend. I went back because we had both planned on being next to each other when "The Only Exception" played. While it played, we swayed together. Planting little kisses on each others skin and hearts and just holding each other.

Hayley Williams

At some point in the show Alan and I had just looked at each other with restlessness and decided to flee the crowed of catty girls, groupies, and drunken people.  Instinctively, I ran to the restroom to catch my breath. I had been jumping around the entire time I was there. When I got to the restroom, I took a look in the mirror and my hair was soaked with sweat and my eyebrows were coming off(I pencil them on).
I got out and drank what seemed like a gallon of water.

Back to the crowed it was. Walking towards the stage, it was easy to tell that there was no way we were going to be able to get to the front again. There was wayyyy too many people. Plus, there was no way I was going to allow the chance of me being next to a sweaty person smelling like petco as I once did while I was up there. So we decided to stay in the back of the crowd. It was better that way, it's not like I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity to get close to the band again after the show. Paramore ended off the night with a couple of their newer songs I.e. "Ain't It Fun". While they announced that they were going to be singing their last song of the night, Alan and I rushed to the back of the building to where the buses were at. Unfortunately, Paramore wasn't able to sign any autographs which was alright. I was just ecstatic about seeing them live in the first place. I had been anticipating that for the longest and have been a fan since 07. It was the best night I've ever had. To be there with my lover and just enjoy Paramore together was and IS unforgettable.


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